Christmas turkey or duck with side dishes

Juicy turkey or a delicious duck - always a perfect idea for a festive, family dinner. This season, delivered safely to your door.

Side Dishes:
red cabbage, potato purée,
roasted parsley,
honey glazed carrots,
cauliflower with bechamel sauce,
brussels sprouts


Duck for 4 people: 260 PLN gross
Turkey for 8 people: 430 PLN gross

The price includes two bottles of wine.

Traditional Christmas dishes that evoke cherished memories and sentiments of the season, in handmade packages.

All the products are also available for sale at the hotel.

Vegetable salad
Herring salad
Cabbage with mushrooms

Price: 9 PLN gross per 100 g

Mushroom soup
Red borscht

Price: 14 PLN gross per portion

Fried cod with marinated vegetables
Gefilte fish

Price: 9 PLN gross per 100 g

Christmas pierogi (cabbage or mushroom)
Price: 3 PLN gross per person

Price: 5 PLN gross per piece

Kulebiak (Coulibiac)
Price: 30 PLN gross per piece

Traditional Christmas cakes
Gingerbread, Poppy seedcake, Cheesecake
Price: 9 PLN gross per 100 g

3-course Christmas dinner

We will help you to get into the festive spirit. Unforgettable flavours and traditional Polish dishes at your table.

Menu 1

Herring or vegetable salad
Mushroom soup
Puff pastry salmon with side dishes
Traditional Christmas gingerbread

Price: 90 PLN gross per person

Menu 2

Herring or vegetable salad
Chicken stuffed with liver Cheesecake

Price: 80 PLN gross per person

Menu 3 (Vegetarian)

Herring or vegetable salad
Red borscht
Cepeliny stuffed with lentil and boletus
Vegan poppy seed cake

Price: 70 PLN gross per person

Uroczysty 3-daniowy obiad
Uroczysty 3-daniowy obiad

Traditional Christmas Eve dinner

The 12 Dishes of Polish Christmas
for your family dinner.

Red borscht with dumplings
Herring with onion and oil
Fried cod with marinated vegetables
Vegetable salad
Christmas pierogi stuffed with cabbage and mushrooms
Chrismtas cabbage with „łazanki”
Trout with almonds
Gefilte fish
Vegetables with linseed oil
Dried fruit compote
Poppy seed cake

Price: 160 PLN gross per person

The offer is valid for a minimum of 5 people.
A complimentary delivery is included in the price.

A delivery is complimentary up to 10 km from the hotel and for all orders above 300 PLN gross.
Other orders can be picked up personally from the hotel.
All the orders should be placed minimum 72 hours in advance.

The prices do not include service charge.
Catering and waiter services may be priced individually

To place an order please call us +48 22 377 3737 or
send an e-mail:

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